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When Chios compliments your Mastiha liqueur ,you have arrived

Article Preview:

"Kleos" in ancient Greek means glory obtained after hard work and excessive effort. This is also the name of the new mastic liqueur that is expected to be commercially available in Greece and America in a short time.

The new mastic liqueur differs from the other 43 currently on the market, on the one hand because it promises a unique taste experience to anyone who tastes it, and on the other hand because the target audience is American, as the expatriate Efi Panagopoulou, who is behind the idea of the creation of this particular product resides in the United States in recent years!

Its mass production will be carried out en masse in Plomari Levos by the distillery of Arvanitis Isidoros and from there it will travel to the great continent.

However, the product has already made its appearance in cosmopolitan bars of the Cyclades, garnering the best reviews.

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