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Kozēkozē Podcast

About the episode:

Garrett and Effie Panagopoulos sit down at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston to discuss the spirit Kleos, which is an alcohol Effie has created and packaged from the Greek plant Mastiha.

Why you’ll love it:

The quote should have been, “fall down 9 times stand up 10,” because you will learn about what a crazy-long, tumultuous journey it truly has been for Effie to launch Kleos. From finding manufacturers to distributors, the two discuss how Effie has used her past experiences to launch her product, how and WHY she’s integrating her brand into the fitness and wellness space and how she’s gone after funding along the way. Even more, we hear about the mental work Effie has done to get her mind right for such a journey including but not limited to bodybuilding, floating, meditating and vision-boarding.

Greater Message:

Never give up. Go after what you believe in. Today you’ll hear from a true hustler—someone so determined it would take an army to try and stop her.

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