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Applauding Kleos' Mykonos launch

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"Its creator Effie Panagopoulos talks to us about the brand new premium spirit based on mastic.

"I find it unimaginable that we should charge a high price for any vodka and mastic to treat it in shots after the meal," the Greek-American Effie Panagopoulos tells me emphatically at the beginning of our conversation. With years of service in the alcohol industry, many of which as brand ambassador for Metaxa in the USA, Effie created "Kleos Mastiha Spirit" with the aim of making the famous "tear of Chios" known all over the world.

The path was not easy as it took several years of testing and even more trips to the mastic villages of Chios where he got to know in depth the exciting and painstaking process of mastic production until he arrived at the desired result, i.e. a premium spirit that stands comfortably on its own the rocks but also to participate in the blend of a cocktail, without disappearing."

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